Thursday, June 16, 2005


Today I contributed to some Jam comics with Robin Bougie and Joseph Bergin III. I did panels 1 & 4, Robin did panels 2 & 6, and Joseph did panels 3, 5 and the amazing colours you see before you.

We did another one but it's sooooo far from being work safe... seriously... NOT work safe... it'll be on Robin's livejournal soon though.


Robin Bougie said...

It looks so awesome with the colors! Joseph makes it look like we RULE!! ha ha


Mike said...


My lettering pen was runnin out of ink though and you can REALLY tell. half the dialogue I wrote is almost illegible.

for anyone that can't read my shitty writing, the first panel says:
"The-the... GHOST of my amputated hand!"
and the 4th says
"Hey Pete! Whassat you got there? Is that a GHOST HAND?"
"uh oh..."