Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So this is Heaven...

E-mail me or comment if you look at this blog at work and want no nudity please. I can be very accomodating, given I have little to no plans on putting up lots of nudity on here to begin with. Thanks.

Robin and Stephen are the only ones that voted, and they voted yes to boobs, so here's my vision of Heaven.


Ellis said...

What about heaven for girls, Mike?
Boops doesnt excite me as much. :)

Mike said...

I imagine heaven for girls is similar only reversed.

this is just heaven for ME though. not every guy is gonna wanna draw and drink coffee with beautiful women. some might want to drink crantinis and shop with other men, or some might want to drink beer and play sports between gangbanging underage girls.

it's different for us all.