Monday, August 01, 2005

Pinky Blues part 20

Yay! Part twenty! I have to speed this along here, I need it finished in time to put my comic together for the Comic Con at Heritage Hall here in Vancouver for August 28th, where I'll be selling my wares. Much of it available here, but there will be new unseen content as well. I will be sharing my half table with my good friend Gabriel Frizzera, who will also be selling his own comic. I've seen most of it, it's amazing, you'll shit with envy. Hope to see you there.


S said...

HA HA HA this one is the fucking best one. I love it that Jed actually KNOWS Death. Man that's fucking awesome. Totally put's the "Aw Damnit" earlier in the series into perspective. I thought he said "Aw Damnit" because he had to deal with a drunk who pissed himself.

Billy said...

Yeah, Jed seems to be down with alot of etherial beings. I wonder if that's what drove him to drinking in the first place. Or, perhaps he only has the power to see into other realms when he's on the hooch.