Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pinky Blues part 30

YEAH! Part thirty! K, this is the BIG wedding one so it's dedicated to Carl and Brenda, who, after something like 10 years, are exchanging vows this here Saturday.
They were kind enough to invite my girlfriend and I, so I'm kind enough to dedicate this to them. If you're in the neighbourhood, you'll be able to spot LeeAnn and I in the crowd by looking for the sexiest bitches around. That'll be us.

Congratulations Carl & Brenda!

Also, check out this site for a cartoon called 8 Guys in the Head, being made by some of my friends, including the aforementioned Carl Upsdell, Ryan Morris, and pretty much the entire Affolter clan.

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S said...

Ha HA HA brilliant. Love it that the Easter Bunny is so bored looking. That is seriously one of the best characters you've ever made.