Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Zombie Beach part 3

Blogger is being a piece of shit.
If anyone wants to hire me to do art of some kind, my price would be reasonable. Don't be afraid. I'm so sick of school I want a job instead.
Lemme know, drop me a line at nippletranquility(at)

As for the comic, when am I gonna get to the zombies? I'm not telling.


Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

what the fuck kinda Spam shit is this?

Rob said...

Dude, just turn o n the new spam filter that blogger set up, the keyword activation thingy,

And that's certainly weird spam.

Anonymous said...

if someone doesn't get eaten soon, im going to stop coming to this blog!!
Suggestion: Killing all the characters off on the next panel would speed the story along nicely.

Also, Don't sell out to the man by getting job! Art is its own reward! When you have a job its all like " what should i do with this disposable income?" or " which goregeous supermodel should i go out with tonight?" You don't need those problems.

Mike said...

zombies will show up eventually... I hope I hold your interest till they do.

as for the job, that's totally what I used to do, never sold out. never had disposable income. never slept with supermodels.

It sucked. So now I'm hoping to finally sell out as harshly as I can.