Friday, September 23, 2005

Zombie Beach part 4

Sorry for the long delay. I'll try n' keep up better from now on. Also Filthy London Whores has sold out at Rx, I'll be bringing more in later though. And I've been really enjoying drawing Allistair and Nicholas from it, so in the future there may be stories of filthy London whores. Till then enjoy Zombie Beach once again.


Anonymous said...

Her arm seems strange on the last panel.

Also, some thumbnail links are broken on your website.

Your stuff is good.

-Nay Sayer.

Mike said...

yeah, my official site, which is still on a BCIT server is slightly unfinished. some pics are too large as well.

Her arm bothers me in the last panel as well, and actually, very much in the first panel. It's something I'll fix before I ever think of printing it, but for the time being I'm lazy.

Thanks for looking