Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!

I was Bender from Futurama for Halloween this year. I made the costume myself out of cardboard boxes, a hanger, duct tape, silver spray paint and lightbulbs. Unfortunately the eyes were heavy and had a tendency to slip down. Nevertheless, here, in all it's glory (or lack thereof) is my award-winning costume.

Tonight I went and saw Seth speak at Sophia's Books about his new graphic novel Wimbledon Green. Even though it's not out yet I scored a copy and got it signed.


fallingangel said...

Your costume is awesome!!! Did any of your friends dress up as other Futurama characters?

Mike said...

Nope, fraid not.
But my girlfriend was Enid from Ghost World and a buncha other folks dressed up as Team Zissou, which was keen.

Billy said...

Looks like Bender was realy suprised about someone's package.
Curse those freedom hateing chinese.

Mike said...

damn spam. I erased it now.