Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Peck the Bird 5

Here is another installment of the new Peck the Bird story.


Anonymous said...

...Where the fuck is the new PECK!

Okay...calm down....we're good. Yeah, we're good now.
It's just...
...I've been waiting for too long now.
What happens next! TELL ME!


I need a hit, man.
Camaan, man....just a taste.

...Don't leave me like this, you sick bastard, Myhre.

You sick sick bastard.

Mike said...

Sorry, preocupied with this Yam Roll test I'm taking far too long on because I hate Flash and wish it would DIE!!!!!!!!
Probly be a couple more days.

colleen said...

man, your stuff is always so sharp! I'm'a mightily enjoyin' this here Peck comic!