Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Nature of Stuff part 5

Just got this in under the wire. 4 minutes til midnight. Anyway, here's the next installment. Either 1, 2 or 3 more to go on this story, tops I figure.

Also working on an early adventure of Jed and Mr. Pinky from Pinky Blues at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled. Might start posting that as early as tomorrow or the next day.

If you're a potential (paying) employer and require the services of a very well educated illustrator, please contact me at mike(at)mcfadyencreative.com

And before I forget, one last Happy Birthday shout-out to my lovely girlfriend LeeAnn.


Doctor Jones said...

Aww man.
His wife seems pretty attractive.
-And it looks like they're a pretty young couple.
He's gonna fuck things up big time if his wife finds out.
It's like that old Hugh Grant Story.
Though his hooker was pretty baboon ass ugly.

Billy said...

Yeah, she seems to be pretty understanding. I'm willing to bet she'd sit on his face if he was just open to her. Really, she's too good for him. Not to mention that he's dumb enough to stick a hooker egg in with regular chicken ovum.