Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Work Sketch

Hey everybody. The con went fairly well, especially considering I had very little space to work with. Although I also had heavy hitters on either side of me. Thanks again Robin n Fred.
I sold 28 copies of Space Jet #2, 11 copies of Filthy London Whores and 9 copies of Space Jet #1. Sellin' 48 comics ain't bad I don't suppose. Actually, what am I talkin about, it may be a new record for one con. Ah well, anyway, hope you buy one. They're all available at Rx Comics on Main & 8th in Vancouver.
I'll get back to more comics such as Pinky Blues, Zombie Beach and Un Chien Andalou in due time, but for now, here's another work sketch.


Mike said...

I actually only sold 32 at the con. I sold one to Robin on thursday on Inkstuds, one to another Robin at Rx after the con, and gave one to the third Robin at the con, as well as one to Fred for sharing their table with me. I gave one to my girlfriend. and sold 11 comics to Rx.

Monique said...

Hello, I bought a comic at that comic con... #1, I was the one who asked you which one is your fav etc. I really like your work.


Mike said...

Awesome, thanks Monique, I'm glad you checked out my site too. Glad you liked it