Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Comic Convention & Radio Show

This weekend Gabriel Frizzera and I did the Vancouver Comic Con to sell our new comic The New Adventures of Robot Monster. It's super keen and has a fancy glossy cover. I also sold my new sketchbook, the cover of which is featured in the previous post.

Also, check out the podcast of my radio interview on Inkstuds here! And check out more amazing comic-related episodes of Inkstuds over here. Interviews with greats like Jeffrey Brown, Bob Fingerman, Neal Adams, Robin Bougie, Rebecca Dart and many more.


Jon Cox said...

I really like the pictures! :o)

Jon Cox said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I really do appreciate it! :o) The pictures you made are hilarious! GREAT WORK! :o)

Doctor Jones said...

You were gone and busy for a long time, but I just effin knew you'd have a kickazz drawing when you came back.
Real nice.
I was waitin for this.
And I can just smell the stink of this guys geek sweat.