Monday, May 29, 2006

No Press is Bad Press

Especially this press. Here again is the link to my hour long interview on Inkstuds, Canada's only radio show about comics. Listen in Thursday's at 2pm on CITR 101.9, or online.
More episodes with more talented folks than I here.

In addition, here is a review of my Space Jet comics from Discorder.

"Mike Myhre crafts one of the most unique mini-comix I’ve seen in Vancouver."

Click for larger view.


Anonymous said...

I stared at those boobs for about 10 minutes.
Take what you want from that.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you like her boobs.


Anonymous said...

...Alright...I couldn't get her boobs outta my head, so I left work early and I'm back.
Man, they're still great.

Jon Cox said...


Anonymous said...

Been thinking about your boobs for the last three weeks.
THought I'd come back and make sure they're still there.
...yup...still there.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work, Mike.