Wednesday, June 21, 2006

These are my comics...

Here you may see in all their glory all of my comics together.
Space Jet #1, #2, Space Jet sketchbook, Filthy London Whores, and The New Adventures of Robot Monster. I'm hoping to have Space Jet #3 completed in time for the August Comix & Stories comic con. (Vancouver's "small press" con, kinda.)


S said...

That Robot Monster cover is so fucking awesome. I swear to God I must have one.

Mike said...

alas, Gabriel drew the main portion of the cover.
I wish I was that talented.
As mentioned before it is a jam comic by he and I. panels are in rotation between us both.

S said...

Yeah I realize that, but still, it's you in there as well. That doesn't lessen the wantingness of the book that I want.

Doctor Jones said...

Sorry buddy.
I think I want those books more than you.
I've been thinking about them for some time now.
-Thinking about cradeling them all in my arms while I sing sweet songs of hapiness to the world.

...I won't even go into what I'm gonna do when I read them.

Mike said...

Whoa now! only #2 has boobs. and only for one panel.

actually, the sketchbook has lotsa boobs. that thar's "bathroom reading".

I just made myself ill.

Jon Cox said...

What years are these from?
Thank you so much for your comment as well. I really appreciate it A LOT! :o)

Anonymous said...

no problem. These are from this and last year. I self publish them.

For the curious, #1 is 36 pages, #2 is 52 pages, sketchbook is 24 pages, filthy london whores is 12 pages, as is robot monster.


Doctor Jones said...

I just got all of them.
I just read them.
Can't wait for more!


Stunning array of wares, young man! Noice!