Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Office Series 2

Sorry it's taken so long to put up something. Just about a full month. Been so busy with work. At least work is drawing now, I can't complain. I was watching the Office (UK) the other day and was reminded of these events.

Also, I will be at the Heritage Hall comic con this sunday Nov. 5 and will be selling my previously sold out Space Jet #3 there.

Oh, and check out my good friend Gabriel Frizzera's two comics. He's now selling them in a beautiful large format available from Go HERE to buy and preview.


FROFRIEND5000 said...

nice comic. I rememember those days.

Scoobygang said...

If you keep drawing I can go on living....If you stop my death will be on your bloody non-drawing soaked hands.

Wonderful post as always.

Toren Q Atkinson said...

Wanted to come to Heritage Hall today but ran out of time. Are you interested in a Comics History & Appreciation class of Slackademics?
I can make it happen.

Jon Cox said...

OH AWESOME!!!! Wonderful work as always! :o)