Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Asia News

Recently I was cleaning my apartment and stumbled on this jam comic from this summer that I had done with my friend Karinga Wells. I thought it was funny, even though I know it kinda isn't. So here it is.

By the way, in Vancouver there really is an Asia News.


Scoobygang said...

How old is this one? Doesn't look like your usual "sharpie" ones you do now-a-days. If it's from the draw jam days that was more than 3 years ago wasn't it? Still very good stuff.

By the by: Calvin & Hobbes the complete set is at Chapters for $200CAN, and they are going to release a Little Britian game on the PS2

Mike said...

Little Britain game? Sweeeeet.

But if you just trust me, you'll see that YES, this was done THIS summer. 2006. It's not with Sharpie, (although I rarely use Sharpie anymore, instead the Faber Castel brush pen) and it was done with a pilot drawing pen.


Doctor Jones said...

It's funny alright.
Balls get a laugh, and that's all there is to it.