Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Religion v. Science

I've been listening to a lot of Richard Dawkins lately, some of his lectures, Q&A periods and currently the unabridged audio book of his latest "The God Delusion". I've struggled with my lack, and eventually loss, of faith for some time now, and this is merely an illustration of my internal struggle.

Listening to this I was treated to a brilliant quote from the philosopher Bertrand Russell, who said "The burden of proof rests with the believers, not the non-believers."


Mr.Esty said...

This is the second refference to this book I've encountered today. I'm not superstitious but, it looks like I oughtta buy this book.

Goobeetsablog said...

Russell was an intelligent guy.
I need to read more of him.

I think if we believed in each other more- there would be no need for a god. Unfortunately it is a naive notion.

brilliant illustration.
nice design on the science character.

Mike said...

Thanks guys!

Yeah, Esty, it's a great listen/read. He balances a lot of the facts with some clever humour, too, which makes it entertaining as well as enlightening.

Yeah I agree with you goobeetsablog. the science guy is a caricature of me.