Friday, June 22, 2007

Space Jet #5 Prototype

This is the working model for #5. I have grand plans to take it further. But here's a taste. Lemme know what you think.


ZSL said...

you art on here is great. I hope your not letting the over-the-top "George of the Jungle" argument bug you too much. people never give anything a chance these days. it's quite sad. :[

colleen said...

lookin' mighty fine!

jordyn said...

It's sexier because of the skirt.... cause it's like, "Hey, she doesn't know we can see her stocking clips tee hee".

Mike said...

Thanks everyone!

And Jordyn, my thoughts exactly. Also, I figured it was a bit much to have two redheaded, green eyed women in garter-belt related lingerie on the cover of the comic in the span of 2 issues. (Re: #3)
But I kept her red haired and green eyed anyway. Cause it's hot.

Doctor Jones said...

Sa'll bout those Freckles eh.
Nice job Mikeroni.