Thursday, November 01, 2007

More doodly things.

So here's some more work doodles. Not great, I know, but I haven't had time lately.
Anyway, I traditionally suck at caricatures, but I can tell you now I am so proud of the caricatures of the moustachioed folks below. I'll try and post a photo of my reference pictures for them.


Narrator said...

did you intend to make the bunny a little bit creepy or is that just the way Im seeing it??

Doctor Jones said...

LOVE the bunny.
Do more of him, for sure.

Heheh. "Do him".

Anonymous said...!

colleen said...

These're both top notch!

Tai Dawson said...

You are incredibly talented ,I am an artist myself and am amazed at your style,it's a nice hybrid of modern and classic,stylish.