Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Much, the Miller's Son

Here's a pin-up I did for Steve Lecouilliard's comic Much, the Miller's Son. It should be out in December. Check his site for more stuff.

Now that I look at it I see that Maid Marion's head is ridiculously too small. I'm slightly embarrassed. Ah well.


sTeVeLeC said...

I think it looks great! Anyway, I sent it off to the printer already, so you cain't fix it.

I haven't checked out your blog in a while. I really like the drawings you've posted lately. Are you storyboarding yet?


Mike said...

Yeah, I just started this monday. going pretty good. Have my thumbs meeting next week. How you likin Nerdcore?

sTeVeLeC said...

Nerdcorps is pretty good. L.O.S.E. is a fun, cartoony show. J is always great to work with. Me, Colin, Gerry Fournier and Mo Sherwood are all sharing a room, so we have a lot of laughs.

It's really quiet around there though, outside of the storyboard room. Nobody talks to each other. And there are hardly any girls. It's kind of eerie.


Doctor Jones said...

Her head's fine, man.
At least doesn't look strange to me,anyways.

Narrator said...

I applied at Nerdcorp, and I'm a girl, so its not for lack of applicants.....?
anyway, back to your art, I agree, her head is fine. dont stress man.