Monday, January 07, 2008

Space Jet #6 Cover Preview

Here she is. I'm part-way into making the cover for Space Jet #6.

Anyone who can Actually read Japanese is welcome to correct me at this stage. Although given that most people who end up reading my stuff can't read Japanese, if I don't hear anything, I'll have to go ahead with it as is. It's supposed to say (roughly) Space Jet.

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Doctor Jones said...

Haha! Great man.

Hey, I finally tried the Cintiq. You were right, it's fuckin awsome.

I'm saving my pennies and am prepared to pull tricks in an alley to have one.
You're lucky you still get to draw by hand for your job. I've been doing it a lot less, though I've really gotten good at drawing in Flash with my mouse.

Anyways, should be a good cover, man. Lemmy know if you're looking for extra drawings for this issue like you did that one time. Drawing your characters is fun.