Saturday, November 08, 2008

#5. Ritual Sacrifice

I'm working on a bunch of stuff for Illyham right now. Too ADD to stick to one thing and just finish it already. But this is one panel from my upcoming "The 10 Most Common Causes of Death in and Around Illyham". Not keen on LiveJournal, but I'll have to bend a little to work on this cool project. Look around, there's already some great comics. (Join if you wanna see the wicked map and stuff)

I'm behind at work, so it'll be a couple weeks most likely before I have something up officially.


philtre said...

foxy babe - I love her aureolae. you do some of the best boobs in comics!

Mike said...

Thanks! I learned that new trick of thin lines for areolae from looking at Jordi Bernet comics. That guy is a genius.

Steve said...

Awesome Mike! I can't wait for your posts!