Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daniel Faraday

Here're just a couple Post-It scribbles I doodled today of one of my favourite characters from Lost. It's Daniel Faraday, from the last two seasons played by Jeremy (CQ, Solaris) Davies!


Doctor Jones said...

Lotsa fecal subject manner in the last two.
You gotta show me how you colour that green in there. Is it a customized photoshop brush?

Mike said...

Nope, I just used some polygonal lasso tool to pick out what I wanted to colour, then I paintbucket filled it, and used the filter Colour Halftone under the Pixelate menu on it.

I LOVE halftones.

Anonymous said...

oh man you too-
I lost Jen (my wife) to that show

I have yet to check it out
nice drawing; I like the scratchy

Scoobygang said...

Wicked Panel. Loved this actor in Million Dollar Hotel.