Monday, March 09, 2009

Random Junk & Shit Ideas 13

Whelp! The comics never end!! Huzzah! Here's another page!I'm planning on coming up with another name once it's done. Can't think of anything. (Lemme know if you've got an idea, so long as you're not offended if I don't use it.)


Scoobygang said...

Thong ninja's are immune to trap doors, leg hair, and bee's. This will never work.

Doctor Jones said...

I'd call it... Steve Buscemi Rules

Doctor Jones said...

"Ninja's and Unicorns and Bears, oh my"

Doctor Jones said...

...You might wonder why I came up with the first title.
-You might say that Steve Buscemi has nothing to do with this comic.

...or does he?

Mike said...


I might call it Unicornography.

One of Ulysses' films can be Unicorn-holers. HA!

Mike said...

Or maybe the "Ninjality of Unicornography"