Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Come In Peace

This is a temp cover for one of my new comics coming out in August. This is roughly how it'll look though. Or maybe it is how it'll look, I dunno. Hope you like it. It's going to be much larger in size (but not page count) than all my other comics thus far.


Doctor Jones said...

You got me stoked on this one.

Remember to save me copies!!!

Mike said...

I can't wait to finish and show the cover to Space Jet #7. It's gonna be a good'un!
It comes out same time as this.

Doctor Jones said...

When's the release of both?!

By the way, June 26th is the date set by Ali and I for next year.
Just so you guys have an extra heads up.
You know I'd love you guys to come over to the island and watch the official hitch.

Mike said...

We will BE there! GAY RON TEED!

The comics'll be out at the comic con on August 23rd!

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

I want to see more!!

Anonymous said...

I like.