Monday, August 17, 2009

AUGUST 23rd — Comix & Stories!

Come on down this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! The annual Comix & Stories con at Heritage Hall on Main & 15th in Vancouver is back!
Last year it was at the Vancouver Art Gallery for the Krazy Show, but it's moved back home this year. So come on down!

I will be there with new stuffs! But not just me! Look and see below! w00t!

We gots some names, I tells ya. Incl. Internet Superstar Kate Beaton! All-around art-genius Brandon Graham! Trash cinema's hero, local legend and permanent fixture in the Vancouver art scene Robin Bougie! EA concept artist-turned comic-artist Gabriel Frizzera! Futurama comic artist and all-around great artist James Lloyd! The list goes on!!

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