Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Action Comics #457

Like the Yogi cover I did for Covered blog, I did another one, but unfortunately for me it's getting assloads of submissions, and since I'm not famous, and have already had the honour of being on, it was declined. So I am sharing it with aaaalll of YOOOOU!
(click to enlarge)

And here is the original.

Obviously Superman is copyright DC blah blah blah.
I just gotta say, in response to the original cover, what kid would know who Clark Kent is?! Does this tot read the newspaper and pay attention to the bylines?


Sabrina Alberghetti said...

Thanks for sharing...that sucks they wouldn't post it though, I didn't realize it was such a "thing"...

boo to them!

Doctor Jones said...



... nevermind.
just... nevermind.

Anonymous said...


this is just plain weird
the original and the much nicer

If they ran Superman comics in
the newspaper of the daily planet
think how different Metropolis might be;

Doctor Jones said...

How the hell did Supes get his cape into that disguise anyways?!
Tuck it into the back of his pants?
Anything went back then eh?
I notice for your version, he probably folds it up and stores it in his pocket.

I just gotta say... I'm still trying to figure out which version I find more controversial.

Mike said...

Thanks guys!
The original is just so unintentionally wrong. Mine is intentionally wrong. I'm not sure which is better....

But yeah, the cape fitting in there? Pfft. That's why I didn't add it.
I was going to have his pants down too, as he'd have to have taken off his slacks to show his Super-skivvies. But I thought that was taking it too far.