Saturday, March 06, 2010

I Am Here page

This is the longest I've gone without updating in a couple years. I've had no end of computer problems and work etc. but hopefully over the next few months I'll be more productive again. Here's a page from my new short story book I Am Here.

Also, I'll be at the Heritage Hall Comic Con on March 21st. (15th & Main, Vancouver)


Doctor Jones said...

"Now don't you kids go past the old erection tree."

How's things, Miker?

Mike said...

Pretty good, thumbnailed 44 pages (so far), complete with dialogue, for a new graphic novel.

And yourself?
Wedding this June? K-Man tells me he'll be in town for the summer!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your book is
doing well- this time of the year
is supposed to be slow, right?

cool stuff.

Mike said...

Thanks, man!

A little slow with my own stuff lately. Work's really eating up a lot of time. I apologize for the shoddy updating of late.

Skid said...

Hi! Sometimes I fart when I go past your desk :D

Mike said...

That's only fair. I pee in your gas tank.

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

I love how serene this feels.