Friday, July 30, 2010

Hard Drive Death

It pains me more than I can express to say, I have lost months of unbacked up artwork. My 1 TB harddrive, maybe only a year old, is apparently "not good" as the technician relayed to me. Nothing can be recovered, and I am in no uncertain terms fucked as fucked can fucking well be. Fuck. So yeah, no new artwork for a while, and even stuff I had intended to post, but hadn't had the time to is now lost forever to the ether.

If my warranty is valid, It'll be several weeks before I get a new hard drive. If it isn't... It'll be sooner, but I'll have to have paid for the service of having lost so, so much. Thankfully bits will have been backed-up, but certainly not as recently as they should have been.

For christ's sake, BACK UP YOUR ART NOW.

P.S. I fucking hate fucking computers. I depend on them, and yet I have had the worst fucking luck with them over the past few years. Computers burn in hell you fucking cheaply-made, over-expensive wallet-raping, mind-fucking pieces of foetid fucking garbage!!!!


korsair said...


Emma said...

That is horrible, horrible news to say the least. RIP forever lost art work :(
I find computers to be a blessing, and a curse in the same breath - this being just one of the reasons for the later.
Fingers crossed your warranty will cover a replacement at least.

Doctor Jones said...

Crappy, bud.
Don't let it get ya too down.

So what was the reason for the meltdown. What broke exactly.
Virus perhaps?

Mike said...

Nope. No virus. Hard drive. Just a bad hard drive I guess. My cousin in IT says 10% of all hard drives bust in the first year. It has to do with them being made cheaper and cheaper so we can buy them cheaper. A mixed blessing. We get them for less, but at what cost?

Doctor Jones said...

Damn. A long lull indeed.

I'm on the market for a new pc. What kind was your last computer?

Mike said...

You might not want my last one, since I lost everything including my Doctor Who pieces that took days.
It was built from disparate pieces. DO NOT buy SeaGate hard drives. That's the one what fucked me. Everyone tells me Western Digital is the best for HDs.