Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tattoo? Tattoo!

I meant to put this up a while ago, and forgot. But someone tattooed an old drawing of mine I did for Cinema Sewer on themselves! It's an old drawing, and I already feel bad, in that I know I could do better now, but it's an honour for someone to like something I've done that much. His name is Gregor Cole, and he also got some tats of Robin Bougie's art as well.

The illo was done for Bougie's Cinema Sewer book Vol. 1, which can be found here, and vol. 2 is also available here. Or you can order through Robin directly.
Also, here is Robin's original posting, along with the tats of his art on Mr. Cole.

Keep in mind this drawing was done years ago. Here is the original drawing, and the tattoo:

1 comment:

Doctor Jones said...

Whenever anyone asks if I could design them a tattoo i say no, because of the dread you are now experiencing.

That's still really cool though