Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sisko vs. Picard 3

Hope no one's offended. Ignorance/naivety and comeuppance are themes.
If you are offended, take it in the spirit in which it was intended: an ignorant/naive joke.


Doctor Jones said...

When I read it, I can hear Picard's voice saying your lines.
So funny.

"Dammit Ben!"

Mike said...

Thanks man! Hee hee. I can hear him saying the N word line too. It made me laugh to myself.

Doctor Jones said...

I'm no master of comedy by any means, but to me all the best humor has to have a slightly offensive flavor to it. I love humor that makes people unsettled a bit. -Makes them question whether or not they should laugh. I can imagine you you're worried about offending, but forget should just ride the wave. It sits well. Your character designs crack me up too. Trek characters look great in yer style. I want a Picard shirt. But don't get sued, dude. Ha