Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mascot Ménage-à-Trois

And here is the cover to the 3rd comic I was going to be debuting this sunday, but now have to push back to September 11th at the Vancouver Comic Con.
As you can see, it is called Mascot Ménage-à-Trois, and it is a softcore dirty comic of some Mascot-headed folks getting into some kinky shenanigans. Like I say, though. It's not hardcore. I thought the giant unmoving mascot heads were funny. My friend Jackie assures me that it's creepy, disturbing, and strange. Find out for yourself, in September

I should add, that this cover is an homage to the cover of Gold Key's Bullwinkle #17 from September, 1977. I have a very dog-eared copy that I've packed around with me since I was about 10 or 11, and thought it was fitting the way I chose to repurpose it. Click the link to see my inspiration.