Friday, September 16, 2005

Filthy London Whores NEW 12-Page Comic

I pulled 2 all-nighters and in that time completed 11 pages of original material, the only previously seen comic page is the original, and the rest of the story follows that immediately. They're not gag strips, it's a story. The cover is also my very first attempt at painting in Photoshop.

It will be printed tomorrow, and distributed shortly thereafter. I didn't manage to get a table at this weekend's comic con, so it will not be available there.

Again, this will be available only in print, and none will be posted on Space Jet. Here's the cover:


Rob said...

How'd you do the background? It's pretty fancy

Beans said...

Holy shit. Awesome.

Mike said...

the bg was painted in Photoshop.

Doctor Jones said...

Yeah, man.
That BG IS sweet.
Definately captures the shittiness of those times.
Speaking of which, you'd better have some jokes about how people used to throw buckets of garbage and feces out thier windows for disposal.
Poo is ALWAYS hilarious.
Just ask a monkey.