Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The New Adventures of Robot Monster! page 1

Okay, ok, I know, I am REALLY late with Zombie Beach. I keep getting side-tracked. The new installment is still sitting half done.
I managed to get a table last minute at Sunday's comic con, and was selling my new comic Filthy London Whores and Space Jet #1. Filthy London Whores actually outsold Space Jet, despite only being 12 pages. Both of my comics are available now at Rx Comics on Main & 8th.
Here is page 1 of a jam comic I started with Gabriel Frizzera at the con.

If any of you don't know who Robot Monster is, then allow me to elaborate. Here is the movie poster. Here is a screen-shot. And here is the Internet Movie Database's section on it.


Doctor Jones said...

That's effin' funny.
Though I'm speculating that his personality in the movie is pretty stiff as compared to how coolin he is in yer comic.
Hopefully ya keep goin with this one too.
Even at the expsense of Zombie Beach.
Not that I dislike that one.
It's just that panel one of THIS has me intrigued already!
-Has a Space Ghost kinda charm to it.

samax amen said...

Man, I saw a picture of your new Robot Monster book on a friend's Facebook. Amongst a pile of other indie stuff, that Robot Monster cover blew my mind!

So, using my clandestine intelligence gathering techniques and network of informants (re: Google), I found this blog. I'm prepared to become a huge fan of your shit... but don't worry.

I'm harmless. :)