Thursday, October 20, 2005


Here's a crappy rushed strip to fill in the void of nothing that's been so prevalent lately.


Anonymous said...

Myhre's, you weird bastard you!


A Template for My Life said...

You have a great since of humor. I love your work. I am a comic writer trying to get my foot up some ones ass, nose or whatever orifice they will allow in order to get published.
I am currently working with another drawer but I would like to hook up with you at some point for another story I am writing.
Let me know and I hope you found a job.

Here's to network blogs!

Rob said...

You work with a drawer? Funny, I work with desks and from my experience, desks are *awesome*. You might wanna check into that.

Mike said...

I've found the best way to get something published is to do it yourself.
I like to write my own comics, actually, or I'll sometimes work with very close friends, as we know how to work together well.
I'm glad you like my comics, and thanks for the kind words.