Wednesday, October 19, 2005

They love me, they really LOVE me!

Weird and nice to get mentioned randomly. Over at the I'm just saying... blog they had a comics list in which they name ME. Woo! Here's the link to that.
They say:
Space Jet Comics, by Mike Myhre. A sketchblog that features good and interesting comics. Not too much to say other than it has a good sketchy style.

Thanks to Rob for pointing this out to me.


S said...

fix the's messing up MKZ. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS ETERNAL.

Billy said...

My love for you is ticking clock.

Mike said...

Stephen, I already changed it, check MKZ, the problem is now this post is showing up as TWO posts. the satellite won't get rid of the original way. Post some content on your blog and help push it off the list, that's the only way to fix it.