Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Card for Aunt Connie

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted, I've really been slipping up.

I'll get back into Zombie Beach once I'm done writing my story for Gabriel Frizzera to draw in a project we're working on. Deadline's tomorrow. Damn. I'm working on a short story featuring my short film character Peck the Bird though at the moment. An impossibly lonely, socially awkward little shut-in who drinks insurmountable amounts of coffee and suffers from sometimes crippling bouts of paranoia.

Basically it's banal and he does nothing. Anyway, that's almost done being pencilled. I sold the rights to Peck backin in January of 2001 to Film Roman Inc, and next year, unless they renew the contract (why would they?) the rights revert back to me! But either way I'm contractually allowed to use the character for self-promotion so long as I don't make a profit off of it. Which will change next year.

While you're waiting for it, here's a card I drew for my Aunt Connie, who lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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