Monday, October 10, 2005

Life Drawing

Tonight, or since it's 4:30am I guess last night, I had Thanksgiving dinner with my girlfriend and her family. I've known her mom and dad almost as long as I've known her, but I still was nervous about making a good impression. Anyway, I think I did all right, dinner was delicious, I love turkey, and I love LeeAnn. It's late/early and I'm feeling goopily romantic, so there, I said it. I love my girlfriend.

I've been really shirking my drawing stuff lately, what with the looking for a job and whatnot. But here is some life drawing I did last December. I was pretty happy with it. Click the image for a larger view.


Billy said...

Notice that you put turkey before your girlfriend in the love department. I totally agree.

OCEaN said...

Bad Billy, Bad!

Turky tast yuky!

Mike said...


Willie "Old Fuck" Fuckstein said...

Hey - I like what ya done there with my reminisinsinsinces.. thingees.
Anyways, I was jus comin back to say hey, lets 23 Skidoo, when I realized that your nudie drawing here reminded me of something my Pop used to say to me.
He'd say "Willie, how many fucking times do I have to tell you to curl your lips around your fucking TEETH!!" and then he'd jerk my head back (figurin that otherwise I might just take a good hard chomp) out of his groin and just fucking smash his fist against the side of my head. At that point He'd usually proceed to drive my face into a swirling mash of goo with his fists while I lied there in those garters, my make up running, my beautiful new dress hiked up around my waist, (the ay he liked it) getting my ass whupped. Sometimes he'd just pause long enough to wrench my panties up so hard I'd get fabric burn in the crack of my ass, then he'd turn back to sculpting my face with his furious fists.
Only then, after what seemed hours of fisticuffs mixed with blistering epithets would he bend down to me and, in his ginned up boozy breath ask.. "You ready for it now, you fucking cunt?"... and UP he'd pull me to jam his member into the goopey mess that was formerly my mouth.
Funny thing, I'd lost all my teeth that way by the time I was 12, but honestly, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to get by without 'em.

Anyways, I knew that the old man loved me and this was his way of showing it - with my "costumes", his heavy drinking and the cursing at my inadequacies when performing fellatio on him.
He was all right, once you got to blow him.

Naturally I grew out of it, our relationship "matured" and I was finally able to tell him just last week that Thanksgiving dinner was no place for that; what with my adopted mongoloid kids right there in their wheelchairs and Twankloo, my Asian she-male mail order bride having stepped out for a quick one with a customer.
I said, "I'm 67 now DaddaPooPoo, can we please *not* do this this week?".
"Sure", he says "Be a cuntwhore" all boozily...
But you know?
He understood completely.
Right after I plunged the fucking turkey knife up his FUCKING ASS AND TWISTED IT TIL THE HANDLE BROKE!

Hey nobody said it would be easy right?
Keep up the good work, whippersnapper.

Anonymous said...

Try having some herbal tea.
It might just calm your nerves a bit.

...ya freak.