Sunday, October 09, 2005


Someone calling themselves Willy "Old Fuck" Fuckstein posted a comment on the previous comic strip in the comments box. I found it so funny, that I had to draw it. Now, I don't know who this person is, so I credited the persona, and will link to the site linked to his handle. A Warning though, his site is definately not to my tastes in *any* way (no offense, Willy) but since I'm using his words, I'll give 'im the link. Thanks, man. Bravo. (Link Not Safe for Work)

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks.


Chris said...

Ha ha ha, Christ.
Fucking Walt though - If you didn't suck his cock,
he'd rat on you to the House of Un-American Activities Committee.

P.S - Do you have any copies of "Filthy London Whores" available?

Mike said...

I have to print 5 more covers, then they'll be taken to Rx Comics on Main. Likely by next weekend.

I'll also have some for sale at the Comic Con in November if I can snag a table.

Willie "Old Fuck" Fuckstein's Crack Legal Team said...

As formal legal counsel for Mr. Willie "Old Fuck" Fuckstein, we hereby and dueforth do thusly implicate via processionally big wordium's that thou dost cease forthwith and punctually any and/or all implificretions of hiseth that thoust be using.
Failure to abide by said directive immediately and consequently causeth an impalation of my gigantick sticketh upon thy crown. Kiddeth thee not, my homey.
In kind of this offereth, which we feel be most generath and in conthiderathun of dith damnable lithputh, we asketh for either:

1 a. III) A bajillionth dollarth
2 b. IV) one (1) hand jobeth to be inflicted by any and/or small primate not limited to the rhesus species nor wearing any garment not bejewelled
3 c. VIIIIX) a perusal of the Mighty Boosh, specifically, thou not indemnifically (ed. note: not an actual word) the Bollo episode.

Compliance with this directive is not optional and may or may not be legally binding unless assisted by the mastication of Spanish olives of the non-garlic persuasion suffering a circumference no greater than 3.36 cm nor less than 2.731 cm.
Thanketh You(ith)

Gary "Famenaut" Oakley - Esq.
Ruben "Sphinky Sphincter" Estomalto Englesias Rodriguez - Esq.
Mike "Say it Fast" Hokhertz - Office Bitch

Willie "Old Fuck" Fuckstein's Crack Legal Teams "Fixer" Guy said...

We fogottem linketh.

Bollo for you.
Now please - stop bothering us.