Friday, January 27, 2006

The Nature of Stuff part 6

Probably won't post more til Sunday or Monday. Stay tuned. I've finished drawing/inking/colouring the first 2 parts of the new Pinky Blues story, but since it's format is the same as this here poorly named egg story I don't want to confuse anyone. So I'll post them once The Nature of Stuff is over.

1 comment:

Doctor Jones said...

I'm really diggin' that Doctor.

He looks like a really good and experienced medical practicioner. Plus he works in a community walk-in medical center instead of a Huge hospitol like Doogie Houser.
...Fuckin Doogie.
Remember when Dick Van Dike played a doctor on TV? I thought he was prety good.
He had that charm that Dike's truly known for.

...Heheh. I said Dyke.