Monday, January 30, 2006

Un Chien Andalou partie trois

I haven't posted an episode in my adaptation of Louis Buñuel and Salvador Dali's classic surrealist short film Un Chien Andalou since November, but here finally, is part 3. You can catch up here with part 1 and part 2.


Rob said...

Holy shit, that's some of your best art ever. I'm really impressed.

Doctor Jones said...

Looks really sweet, bud.
Do you pause the movie and draw what you see from the freeze frame?
It has a great flow.

That poor fella has a nasty case of...
...what's that disorder where ants crawl out of wounds on you body again?

Anyways...What the hell happens next with the prostitute and her egg laying abilities???

I must know!

Mike said...

I do pause to get an idea from the film, but I took more liberties with this one than the others. Also I don't freeze til I watch the scene and get my rough idea of all I want to fit into the page.
Like the first one opened with the title card, the second one started exactly at the 8 years later, and this one, I made an extreme close-up of the lined bars on the box, so as to keep that kind of flow. I want them to be able to stand alone and still be able to flow reasonably well into each other.
I cut a lot of the fat out. Standing then sitting and lots of pauses, so I can get the meat of it into the strip.
I'd say most of my compositions are coming from the shots Louis Bunuel composed, but I change certain things so they work better on the page, such as the 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th panels.

The thing with ants crawling out of your body doesn't exist, but there are hundreds of reported incidents, because many people who overdose on certain drugs think that they see ants crawling out from under their skin. A twist on that was featured in the X-Files episode War of the Coprophages, with cockroaches coming out of the skin, but historically people report thinking ants were coming out of their skin faaaaaar more often.

As for the Egg story I'll try n have the next part up tomorrow.

Rob said...

It's called formication, from the french word for ant, formi.

Mike said...

Thank you Rob. Since I think I actually learned about it mostly from you, I have no doubt you are correct. One nitpick though is... you mean "fourmi".

ha ha. I'm a bastard.

Rob said...


Anonymous said...

What is that last frame?
I can't figure it out!

Mike said...

It's this weird spiny ball thing. It was in the film, and it's next to a footprint on the beach. THe beach and the armpit hair stuff comes back into play later on.