Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pinky Blues: Early Years part 1

Part of my reasoning for this is I enjoyed the characters very much after working on them last year, and a secondary reason is Robin Bougie decided that he felt hobo comics were now cliche. I've barely seen any at all, ever, so I'm obviously not reading as much, but I love the whole "hobo genre". So here we go, the new Pinky Blues story, mined from their own rich past on the back country roads and whatnot.


Doctor Jones said...

Jed and Pinky look so young now.
"Nary" a wrinkle on them.

You know, I just came to a conclusion.
Besides being an unuasual colour for an elephant, Pinky is also a dwarf.
Which might have attributed even more so to his exclusion from common and more suitable elephant evironments.

I'm guessing he ran from the zoo.
-Probably had to sit in a pen by himself while everyone laughed at him.

...gawd...I'll naver make fun of pink elephants again.

S said...

Or perhaps one can say that there is a race of bidpedal, speaking and diminutive by comparison elephants and Pinky is only a freak of nature because he's the only pink one. Perhaps that's why he's an outcast and hangs out with hobos

Mike said...

Well... all of that of course. That and he's an alcoholic delusion made real. or something.