Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pinky Blues: Early Years part 2

Here ya go. Part two. Checkin out a Sign-making job today to see if I like it. I had my interview last week.
Seattle was robbed in the Superbowl with the help of some crooked calls by bullshit refs.
And lastly, the Butchershop where I do my life drawing, is closing down because this city is run by ridiculously rule-booky assholes. Fuck you Vancouver property-use inspector Adrian Buchanan! I bet you're the type that wouldn't help a woman being raped if it was happening in a park that had a sign reading "Do Not Walk on the Grass".
Hopefully Pinky Blues will help to brighten your day. Well, your week anyway... later on in the week when something happens...


Rob said...

On closer examination, I find it remarkable that someone who appears to be so traditional is a multideist with probable ties to an organization that worships Greek Gods. Food for thought, that.

Rob said...

Polydeist is what I wanted to say, but the word escaped me when I was writing that.