Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentine's Day 2005: A Look Back

A year ago Tuesday I was in the hospital getting my appendix removed. It seems only fitting then, that I share my morphine-addled pen scrawls from the following day.

A little backstory, I had no glasses or contacts, with me, nothing to read etc, all day. So the following picture drawn on a list of the lunch they were giving me was done in a borrowed ballpoint pen, sans glasses and while on morphine and T3s.

click to enlarge

I'd also like to note that the cream soup that's checked off on that menu that they gave me... had all the colour and consistency of a steaming bowl of bukkake. Yuck.


Billy said...

Ewww, strained cream soup. It really goes to show you just how deep down the zombies, girls and fisherman go when you're on mind numbing popy juice.

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what they fed me when i had my appendix out, i swear theyre trying to make you sicker so you have to stay longer maybe for them to get more $$ outta you or sumpin.

Mike said...

I left a day early against their recommendation. I hate bein in the hospital so much. They were really great, but when they crazy russian guy next to you is hooked up to oxygen and keeps trying to smoke and pisses all over the floor... why stay?