Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Submarine Captain

Little doodle I did at work today on the Cintiq. God, I'm gonna miss it when this contract is over...


sTeVeLeC said...

That's cool! I like the background colouring. Flash looks good on you.

Doctor Jones said...

You have any reference materialfor that one?

Yeah, man.
I want one of those cintiq's so bad too. I've heard great things.
If they weren't so damn expensive!

Mike said...

I know, they're a FORTUNE.

I used ref for the BG. Looked up "inside WW2 submarine" on google images. Love google images.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Anonymous said...

nice work.
I like the limited colors

Doctor Jones said...

HEY! Wonder how much it would be to print a Space Jet Calendar.
Maybe not a full size one... But a mini one.
Would be cool.

Mike said...

Yeah I dunno. LeeAnn did that one for me for a birthday gift, through Cafe Press, but I dunno how much it'd be.

Justin said...

I believe I sit in the cubicle behind you on the 4th floor. You draw things nice.
and I'll have to check out those books too.

Mike said...

Thank you Justin, your comics are very funny. And GREAT posing.