Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Space Jet #6

This is the cover for Space Jet #6, which I *really* hope I'll be able to finish this in time for the second Comic Con in 2 weeks. That being THIS Sunday, September 7th.

This is a massive overhaul of the crappy coloured post-it I originally showed here.


Doctor Jones said...

Hey Mike.
I asked my friend, who's been living in Japan for a couple years.
He's fluent.

Had this to say:
"Yo dude,
It's off by a bit.

On the right side, the straight line, -, should be vertical, not horizontal.

I think it translates more as space jet airliner, but perhaps that's too literal, so space jet works all the same."

Sounds like you got it close enough.

Mike said...

Blame it on, which had it as スペース for Space, ジェット機 for Jet. But, when I investigated the 機, it means machine, but just ジェット by itself spells Jet.

So I tried to get it as close to literal as I could, despite any kind of grammatical errors.

But it would appear I failed. Ah well, most people won't know.

Mike said...

Thanks for checking that out with someone who speaks the language though Rob! I wondered how close I was, that's great!

Scoobygang said...

Always good to support the feed Mike Myhre funds. Thanks for the book!!